Nile Mendoza Wilson

Born and raised in the Philippines, Mrs. Nile Mendoza Wilson began violin lessons at the age of ten in a government-subsidized school for string instrument education. As a successful music educator and orchestral musician, many assume she took her musical study seriously at a young age, but this was not the case. Studying violin was not something she initiated, but the idea of being able to socialize with other children was her primary reason for participating. Nile's lack of interest in practicing slowed her progress and her teachers quickly dismissed her as a failure. Nile was removed from the school when she was 13. It was only then that she realized that playing in an orchestra was an important part of her life.


After a year without any musical activities, Nile was introduced to a Filipino Juilliard graduate named Basilio Manalo. In addition to his career as a soloist and concertmaster, he trained many outstanding orchestra musicians in the Philippines. While under Mr. Manalo’s tutelage, Nile decided to pursue a degree in music. She attended St. Scholastica’s College in Manila, Philippines, on a full scholarship and earned the degree of Bachelor of Music in Music Education.


With only a box of belongings and her violin, Nile immigrated to the United States in 2001 to marry her long time love. Nile was faced with many difficulties in her new home among them, learning how to drive at 24. Rejection from the teaching profession because of a degree from a foreign country was the most devastating of these obstacles. Her life changed when she was offered a graduate scholarship to Old Dominion University and an opportunity to study with Vahn Armstrong, concertmaster of the Virginia Symphony. Nile holds a Master of Science in Secondary Music Education. Since completing her graduate degree, Nile has performed as a substitute for the San Antonio Symphony, a member of the Mid-Texas Symphony, and now, Allegro of Lancaster. 


Nile taught high school and middle school in for 11 years in San Antonio, Texas and was recognized as a case study for effective teaching practices and exemplary classroom management by the best-selling authors, Dr. Harry and Rosemary Wong. Nile was featured in their their online column “Effective Teaching”, “and publications, The First Days of School: How to be an Effective Teacher” and “The Classroom Management Book." In 2016, Nile was hired to join the faculty of the Hempfield School District where she teaches Orchestra to students in grades 7-12. She is currently enrolled in the Master's program for Orchestral Conducting at Messiah College. 


In addition to teaching, Nile is a seamstress who enjoys creating everything from everyday clothing to fantasy and historical costumes. Together with her daughters, Nile enjoys Cosplay (costume play) and have won several craftsmanship awards at costume and comic conventions. Nile's husband, Drew is also an educator. The Wilsons are happy to call Columbia, Pennsylvania their home.